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Please note the group and website are in development.

A more comprehensive "Take Action" page will be unveiled as soon as the volunteer team has it completed.


Note: Equality Unvaxxed is not a law firm nor medical provider and as sch can provide no legal or medical advice. We compile resources.


Here Are 4 Easy Ways You Can Help Equality Unvaxxed

1) Volunteer:


At please sign up to volunteer or become a chapter leader.


2) Share Your Story: 


Are you or someone in your household a victim of jab/mask status based? Please click here to access the webpage for sharing your story.


3) Social Media Connect:


Please connect with us on social media sites (especially big teach alternatives). At there is a list of the social media sites Equality Unvaxxed is available to connect with at. After connecting with us on your favorite social media sites, please share one of the Equality Unvaxxed videos such as our announcement video:

Introducing Equality Unvaxxed  

4) Tell Your Favorite Host Or Reporter About Equality Unvaxxed:


Go to the website of one of your favorite news outlets, podcasts, talk radio shows, or political online web series and then look for their “Contact us” or “Send a tip” page and please tell them about the above-mentioned Equality Unvaxxed announcement video. Be sure to include the website:

5) Tell A Friend Or Loved One About Equality Unvaxxed:


Please forward this email to someone who cares about equality and fairness for people regardless if they jab or decline.


Thank you. Together we can return America to the path of equality for people who decline c19 jabs and lift up the voices of people reporting adverse reactions or lockdown- caused harm.

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